Airless Paint Sprayer Spare Parts Pipe

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Model No.: XH4:15-50M

Description: YAZHONG High Pressure Hose, Airless Paint Sprayer Spare Parts Pipe , Paint Sprayer Accessories, for Home Improvement DIY use.

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Jobs in a smaller space require a shorter hose. If you’re painting a large or long area, such as a fence, get a hose that’s at least 25 feet long.

Pressure Drop

Tip Size      Flow Rate         1/4” Hose**           3/8” Hose*
.015               .20 gpm                 125 psi                      45 psi
.017                   .27 gpm                 140 psi                    50 psi
.019                   .34 gpm                 160 psi                     57 psi
.021                   .41 gpm                 182 psi                     65 psi
.023                   .48 gpm                204 psi                   73 psi
.027                   .67 gpm                  248 psi                    90 psi



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high pressure hose 15M


High-pressure spray hose, the product is suitable for high-pressure spray equipment, the inner tube is a nylon tube, the tube wall is smooth, and it is not easy to scale.

Can you always spray with the same pressure setting using the same Airless machine?
Different materials have different viscosities, so they are thicker or thinner. Thinner lacquers and paints usually require less pressure to achieve uniform atomization. Thick paint, on the other hand, requires a higher working pressure in order to achieve a high-quality work result. But the dilution or temperature as well as prolonged storage also affect the viscosity and structure of the material.

How can you optimally adjust the pressure on an Airless sprayer?

For optimal adjustment, there are usually indications in the technical data sheet of the paint manufacturer, on which you can orient yourself. If there is no data on a new material, proceed as follows in order to adapt to the optimum setting of the print. Start at low pressure and then gradually increase the pressure setting until a uniform spray pattern with good atomization results. For this purpose, it is best to spray on cardboard or cover material outside the working area until an optimal spray pattern is obtained.

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