Hydraulic High Pressure Airless Sprayer

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Model No.: H9 220V

220V Large flow electric high pressure airless sprayer hydraulic driven airless piston pump,putty, Wall Paint and Mortar Plastering sprayer

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H9 220V hydraulic driven airless piston pump



*original imported hydraulic motor and stable hydraulic system
*Super wear and abrasion resistant pump
*Imported German electric engine,plug and play
*Superior cooling system,It's a necessary design
*All-around coating filter
*Structural design is reasonable,easy to move

Comes With

One gun
One 243 and 539 tip each
One tip gurad
A 15 m 1/2 in. spray hose
B 1.5 m whip hose
Connectors: 1/4 - 3/8, 1/2 - 3/8

Packaging Details

packing for sprayer machine

Detailed Images

220V Electric Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayers High Pressure Heavy Duty Airless Putty Sprayer
1.Painting uniformly and uniformly
2.High construction efficiency
3.Good spraying effect
4.High paint efficiency
5.Low paint bounce
6.Reasonable structure design

Free Rotation, wear-resisting and enlarged piston pump
High efficiency sealing, wear-resistant plunger rod
High wear-resistant pump cylinder liner
Lower suction valve

High pressure airless putty paint sprayer can spray paste putty
Precise pressure control to spray everything from low-viscosity primers to heavy-bodied coatings.
Two-gun usage to keep large crews spraying without missing a beat.

Application scenarios and sprayable materials:

Application Material:
Oily polyurethane waterproof paint, js waterproof paint, water-based polyurethane waterproof paint, putty powder, white powder,Acrylic resin, protective layer, multiple color solvent paint, varnish, foam layer, plaster, paint, latex paint, decoration materials, varnish, flame retardants, surface coating, filler, indoor plaster, lightweight plaster, premixed material and does not contain particles of water and oily materials.

High pressure airless paint spray machine suitable for medium and large residential, commercial and industrial buildings paint, indoor and outdoor general paint, latex paint, heavy anticorrosion engineering, fire protection engineering, waterproof engineering, industrial epoxy floor paint, basic protection etc.


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