Several major reasons for paint filtration(二)

1.Slow drying: the humidity is too high, the coating is too thick, the diluent is improperly used, and the environment is poorly ventilated

2. Whitening: the thinner of spray filter screen is improperly used, volatilizes too fast, the proportion is incorrect, the humidity is too high, the temperature is too high, and the coating is too thick.

3.Loss of gloss: also known as backlit, refers to the phenomenon that the gloss of glossy paint is dull after film formation or glossy after film drying, and the gloss gradually decreases in a short period of time. The reason is that the coated surface is porous or too rough, or mixed with solvent with poor solubility, the construction environment is not good (wet, too low temperature, wind, rain, soot, etc.), and the paint film has poor light resistance. The bottom surface is uneven, the blank surface is rough, there is water in the paint, too much thinner is added, the paint film is too thin, the drying is too fast, the temperature is too low, and the humidity is too high.

4.Matte not matte: the bottom of the spray filter screen matt agent is not fully mixed, the coating is too thick, and the interval between the two layers is too short.

5.Sagging: the phenomenon that there are traces of paint liquid flowing downward on the coating film is called sagging. It often occurs in vertical faces or corners. Generally, it appears in the vertical plane as a curtain of sagging, and it appears in the corner as a tear-like sagging. If the paint film is too thick or the paint is too thin, sagging will occur. Too much thinner, too much paint, insufficient interval between layers, uneven surface and complex shape.

6. Orange peel: the release agent is added too little, the viscosity of the paint is too large, the coating is too thick or uneven, the ambient temperature is too high or too low, and the diluent is not used properly (volatilization is too fast).

7. Creasing: the paint on the spray filter screen is too thick, the coating is too thick, the diluent is not well matched, and the ambient temperature is too high.

8. Cracking and falling off: the sprayed filter screen coating is too thick, the surface is not dry, the wood moisture content is high, the bottom layer is not clean, the polishing is not enough, the primer and finish coat are not matched, and the interval between layers is too short or too long.


Post time: Feb-04-2023