Paint filter – application of spraying filter screen

The coating is generally composed of film forming materials, fillers (pigments and fillers), solvents and additives. Sometimes the composition will change slightly according to the performance requirements, for example, there is no pigment or filler in the varnish, and there may be no solvent in the powder coating.

It belongs to organic chemical polymer material, and the film formed belongs to the type of polymer compound. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coatings belong to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a kind of multifunctional engineering materials and an important industry in the chemical industry.

Spraying machine accessories series products – airless spraying machine pump filter screen

Other names: spray gun filter screen, injection molding filter cartridge

Product material: stainless steel wire mesh and plastic

Application of accessories: Filter larger particles through the pump filter screen, which can reduce the wear of parts and prolong the service life of nozzles and sealing rings; The filter screen can effectively filter impurities in the paint,Avoid coating performance problems caused by particles.

Features of pump filter screen of airless spraying machine:
1. Avoid nozzle blockage.
2. Plasma welding joints to ensure their high stability and withstand various mechanical pressures

Science popularization of relevant knowledge:
1. When the wall is painted, the positions of the top plate and wall are well handled, so that the specific visual effect will become better after painting. After the correct operation steps, the convenience of painting is also very high, so the overall professionalism of the actual painting process is also worthy of recognition.
2. In order to achieve better visual effect after painting, the painting sequence from bottom to top is very important during painting operation. Pay attention to the uniformity in the process of painting, and do not miss problems, so that the actual painting effect will become better.
3. According to the actual situation, painting needs two to three times. During the specific construction process, the next construction can only be carried out after the previous one is completely dry.

Paint filter - application of spraying filter screen

Post time: Dec-12-2022