Operation of spray gun

In the process of spraying, improper operation of the spray gun will affect the spraying effect of the product. A good spraying effect is as follows: 1. The coating is evenly distributed; 2. The coating cannot be too thick or too thin.

The main points to be noted in the operation of the spray gun include: the moving speed of the spray gun, the control of the trigger, the gun distance and the gun holding posture, etc. the following is Xsprayer for you to elaborate:

1、 Movement speed of spray gun.
During spraying operation, the moving speed of the spray gun has a great influence on the coating effect.
1.If the manual spray gun moves too fast, the coating on the surface of the coated object will be thin, dry, poor leveling and coarse;
2. If the manual spray gun moves slowly, the coating on the surface of the coated object must be very late, and it is easy to produce sagging.
3. The most ideal moving speed of the spray gun is that after spraying, the coating on the surface of the coated object is full, uniform and wet. This can only be controlled by operators with certain spraying experience.
2、 Control of the trigger.
The spray gun is controlled by a trigger. The deeper the trigger is pulled, the greater the liquid flow rate. In the process of traditional gun walking, the trigger of electrostatic spraying equipment is always closed, not half closed. In order to avoid the accumulation of paint sprayed at the end of each gun, experienced painters should slightly loosen the trigger to reduce the amount of paint supply.

3、 The orientation of the spray gun to the substrate surface.
The spray gun should be vertical to the substrate surface, or as vertical as possible. If the spray gun is a little skewed, the result will inevitably cause the spray band to flow on one side, while the other side will appear thin and lack of paint, which is very likely to cause striped coating.
4、 The distance between the spray gun and the substrate surface.
For the siphon spray gun, the best working interval is 15 ~ 20cm. If the interval is too close, flow may occur, and the color may even be inconsistent with the expected when spraying metal flash paint or pearlescent paint. If the distance is too far. If it exceeds 20cm, it may lead to dry spraying and overspray, resulting in poor leveling of the coating. If the metal flash paint is sprayed, there may also be the possibility of color change. The pressure feeding spray gun can be far away from the substrate. Generally, the best interval is 20 to 30cm. These are the principles that must be followed in spraying construction.
5、 Hold the gun.
The spray gun is held by the palm, thumb, little finger and ring finger, and the middle finger and index finger pull the trigger. Some painters work for a long time and change the way of holding the gun from time to time. Sometimes they only use their thumb and palm to hold the gun with their little finger, sometimes with their ring finger, and the middle finger and index finger are used to pull the trigger. Electrostatic spraying equipment can alleviate fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Post time: May-05-2022