Main features of Xsprayer machines

High pressure airless spraying, also known as airless spraying, uses a high-pressure plunger pump to directly pressurize the paint to form high-pressure paint, spray the muzzle to form atomized air flow and act on the object surface (wall or wood surface). Compared with air spraying, the paint surface is uniform without particle feeling. Due to isolation from air, the paint is dry and clean. Airless spraying can be used for the construction of high viscosity paint with clear edges, and can even be used for some spraying projects with boundary requirements. Depending on the mechanical type, it is also divided into pneumatic airless spraying machine, electric airless spraying machine, internal combustion airless spraying machine and so on.
Main features:1.High construction efficiency - airless spraying mechanized construction, the efficiency is about 10 times that of traditional manual roller brush.

2.The wall coating is uniform, fine and smooth with good texture - the coating is atomized into fine particles under high pressure and evenly distributed on the wall surface, forming a smooth, smooth and dense coating on the wall, obtaining high-quality wall coating quality unmatched by traditional methods such as brushing;
3.Strong coating adhesion and longer coating life - coating particles penetrate into the wall under high pressure, which enhances the mechanical bite force between coating particles and the wall, making the coating denser and longer service life.

4.High coating utilization rate - compared with brush coating and roller coating, airless spraying does not need to dip materials during on-site construction, and there will be no first drip and leakage, so as to avoid coating waste; What is more different from the traditional air spraying is that airless spraying is atomized coating rather than atomized air, so it will not cause the coating to fly around, pollute the environment and cause waste. In the process of using the spraying machine, more than 90% of the faults encountered by users are caused by incomplete cleaning, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear of components. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance training of equipment is very important. Users must carefully read the accompanying English instructions and Chinese translation materials.


Post time: Mar-09-2022