How to Spray Emulsion Paint for Novice?

Many families like to paint the walls with latex paint, so how do novices spray latex paint? What should be noted? Let’s have a look at the relevant knowledge right away.

1、 How to Spray Emulsion Paint for Novice:

Clean the wall surface to be sprayed, then open the cover of emulsion paint and pour the emulsion paint into the vat. Then follow your own needs. Add water in proportion and mix well.

Connect the spraying machine to the pipe interface, and then insert one end into the prepared latex paint bucket.

Plug in the power supply. Hold the sprayer nozzle tightly, spray a few times on the paper shell until the color of emulsion paint appears, and then spray on the wall. For those with color, the emulsion paint shall be mixed with color essence before spraying.

It is better to spray for two or three times. Stop for a few minutes before continuing to spray for the next time.

2、 Precautions for spraying emulsion paint

Before spraying emulsion paint, you must first apply putty to the wall. After the putty is completely dry, then polish it with sandpaper, you can start spraying emulsion paint. In particular, sand, wood chips and foam plastic particles should be cleaned and treated, and insect prevention work should be done well to protect the construction quality.

Protective film shall be laid on doors, windows, floors, furniture, etc. After the emulsion paint is sprayed, the protective film can be removed. This can prevent doors, windows and floors from being polluted by latex paint, and also facilitate cleaning work in the later period.

When spraying emulsion paint, the construction progress shall be well controlled, not blindly seeking for speed. Spray the primer once normally, and then spray the finish after the primer is dry.

Many owners will choose to paint multiple colors in the same space, so the construction period can be long. It is recommended that the interval be about one week.

Post time: Nov-23-2022