How to choose spraying machine

1.For powder spraying equipment, the performance of the equipment is mainly the powder feeding rate and powder feeding capacity. For the processing capacity of complex workpieces, this index is difficult for friends who come into contact for the first time to understand. We must carefully understand and carefully compare. The powder feeding capacity of high-voltage built-in electrostatic plastic spraying machine is much higher than that of high-pressure external products. In addition, there is often a large gap in the performance of similar products from different manufacturers; The performance of the spray gun cannot be understood only by asking relevant parameters, such as electrostatic voltage and charging current. These parameters cannot be verified by the user and are often false. Therefore, they must be judged by the obvious spraying test of special workpiece.
2. The essential difference between water-based paint and oil-based paint lies in the selection of solvent. Water-based paint uses water as diluent, while oil-based paint uses organic solvent. Water based paint uses water instead of organic solvent, so what is volatilized during film formation is water, which will not bring any harm to human body. Therefore, water-based environmental protection paint is more environmentally friendly.

3.The stability of equipment quality. The working environment of industrial processing equipment is not as good as that of home appliances. Sometimes the environment is very poor, and it often works continuously for a long time without shutdown. Therefore, the stability of equipment is very important.
4.Technical service and after-sales service, many customers need the guidance of technical experts with rich production experience to be able to successfully master electrostatic powder spraying (plastic spraying technology), while the general equipment salesperson is far from meeting such requirements and can only roughly teach customers the use methods.
5.Our SUPER700 SUPER1200 series has stable performance, high power and easy operation, and accepts OEM. We can use the customer’s brand(Mark design) according to the customer’s needs.

Post time: Apr-25-2022