How does spray gun work?

Spray gun is a kind of equipment that uses the rapid release of liquid or compressed air as power.
When the compressed air generated by the air compressor is sprayed out through the air cap in front of the spray gun, a low-pressure area lower than the atmospheric pressure is generated in front of the paint nozzle connected with it. The automatic selection of spray gun is included. The pressure difference generated at the spray gun mouth sucks the coating out of the high-pressure pipe, and atomizes into particles and sprays them on the surface of the coating under the action of the high-speed spraying force of compressed air.
The application of spray gun in the industry can be directly installed with paint, that is, a simple spray gun, or installed in automatic equipment, such as automatic spray paint machine, coating machine and other spraying equipment.

The spray gun comprises a gun body and a gun head, which are connected through a connecting mechanism; The gun head comprises a nozzle, and a plurality of metal round steels are plug welded inside the nozzle; The connecting mechanism comprises a flange and a chain pin, and the nozzle is made into a flat shape; The utility model has the advantages of convenient replacement and low cost, and can effectively prevent the gun head from falling off and wearing.

The distance between the nozzle outlet and the coated object is called the gun distance. The smaller the gun distance, the greater the spraying pressure and the greater the impact of air pressure on the product. The coating will be uneven, resulting in the problem of excessive coating thickness. The larger the gun distance is, the smaller the spraying pressure is, and the coating is easy to be lost, so that the spraying material of the coated part is too small and the coating cannot reach the specified thickness. The spraying fan is perpendicular to the coated surface. When manually operating the spray gun, the spraying width shall not be too large, otherwise there will be the problem of average coating. The purpose of spray gun operation should always be parallel to the surface to be coated and perpendicular to the spraying sector. The operation speed is unstable, the coating thickness is uneven, the operation speed is too fast, the coating is too thin, the operation speed is too slow, and the coating is too thick. In a word, when using spraying equipment, it is necessary to achieve moderate strength and appropriate distance, so as to obtain the desired coating effect. After construction, some unfinished things also need to be improved, the cleaning of coatings and help appliances, and the remaining coating materials after use should be blocked and retained, which are all issues needing attention.

How does spray gun work

Post time: Feb-22-2022