Advantages of waterborne emulsion paint

Easy access to corners and gaps. Due to the use of high pressure and airless spraying, paint spray does not contain air, and paints can easily reach corners, gaps and uneven parts, especially for office buildings with many air conditioning and fire fighting pipes.

High viscosity coatings can be sprayed, while hand brush and air spraying are only applicable to low viscosity coatings. With the economic development and the change of people’s concept, it has become fashionable to decorate the wall with medium and high-grade interior and exterior wall coatings instead of mosaics and ceramic tiles in world.

Waterborne emulsion paint has become the most popular interior and exterior wall decoration material because of its non-toxic, convenient cleaning, rich color and no environmental pollution. But emulsion paint is a kind of water-based paint with high viscosity. During construction, the general manufacturers have very strict restrictions on the dilution of the original paint with water, generally 10% – 30% (except for the special formula coating that can add a little more water without affecting the coating performance, which will be written in the product manual).

Excessive dilution will lead to poor film formation, and its texture, scrub resistance and durability will be damaged to varying degrees. The damage degree is directly proportional to the dilution, that is, the greater the dilution, the worse the film quality. If the dilution requirements of the manufacturer are strictly followed, the viscosity of emulsion paint is very high and the construction is difficult. If roller coating, brush coating or air spraying are used for construction, the paint effect is difficult to be satisfactory. In foreign countries, the most popular way is to use high-pressure airless spraying machine for construction.

Latex paint generally does not contain organic solvents. It not only has no solvent volatilization during production and construction, but also has no pollution to the surrounding environment, and the release of organic volatiles during use is very low. The total amount of VOC (organic volatile matter) is generally within the allowable range of the standard. It is a safe, hygienic and environmental friendly green building decoration coating.

The water-based emulsion paint has good air permeability and strong alkali resistance. Therefore, it is not easy to blister when there is a large difference between the internal and external humidity of the coating, and the coating is not easy to “sweat” indoors. It is especially suitable for painting on the cement surface and plaster surface of the internal and external walls of buildings. Latex paint is widely used for interior and exterior wall decoration of buildings because of its variety, bright color, light weight and fast building decoration

Post time: Nov-03-2021