Cleaning and maintenance methods and steps of spraying machine

1.After the spraying operation is completed, the airless spraying machine shall be cleaned immediately to remove the residual paint from all parts where the paint flows, so as to prevent hardening and blockage. During cleaning, it is only necessary to replace the coating with the corresponding solvent and spray according to the operation until the coating in the body, high-pressure pipe and spray gun is completely sprayed.

2.After using the airless spraying machine for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the filter screen of the spray gun. The method is: remove the movable joint and the wrench, unscrew the handle of the spray gun, take out the filter element in the handle and clean it, and then replace and tighten it in turn. If the filter element is damaged during cleaning, replace it with a new one.

3.If the spraying process is not smooth, check and clean the suction filter screen in time. Generally, the suction filter screen should be cleaned once after each shift.

4.Regularly check whether all fasteners are loose and whether all seals are leaking.

5.Generally, after the airless spraying machine has been used continuously for three months, open the pump cover to check whether the hydraulic oil is clean and lacking. If the hydraulic oil is clean but lacking, add it; If the hydraulic oil is not clean, replace it. When replacing the hydraulic oil, first clean the oil chamber of the pump body with kerosene, and then add the hydraulic oil with the volume of about 85% of the oil chamber, which is equivalent to that the oil level is about 10mm above the pump body. (No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is generally used for airless spraying machine).

6.If you still need to use it the next day after cleaning after each shift, please do not drain the liquid in the suction pipe, the body and the high-pressure pipe or disassemble them in any way, just soak the suction pipe and the discharge pipe spray gun in the corresponding solvent; If long-term storage is required, drain the liquid inside the machine and pack it for storage according to the new machine status. The storage place should be dry and ventilated, and there should be no stacking of any articles.


Post time: Dec-22-2022